Life in Harmony is an innovative, action-oriented approach to well-being that encourages people to adopt the principles of lifestyle medicine for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The system moves beyond medication to consider the whole self, and takes individuals on a life-altering journey to health, healing and happiness. Equipped with a healthy mix of traditional western medicine and holistic practices, Life in Harmony empowers people to take immediate action using an arsenal of simple strategies for shaping the life they were born to live.

Dr. Bernadette Anderson is the brainchild behind Life in Harmony. A medical doctor, thought leader and visionary, she has devoted more than two decades to developing, teaching and educating people on the principles of health and lifestyle medicine. She created Life in Harmony for people who are ready and willing to enact positive change in their lives. And she offers them the strategies, tools and inspiration that make it possible.

Grounded in a fresh yet effective approach that is both innovative and doctor-tested, the Life in Harmony system encompasses three important areas: healing, health and happiness. It's important to understand that these are not mutually exclusive but instead work in tandem to help individuals achieve the life they desire.

  • Healing: Spiritual health is the cornerstone of the program, and emphasizes the need to address inner healing as the pathway to freedom. Although Life in Harmony is not about religion, it acknowledges that spiritual health is dependent on a relationship with God.
  • Health: Physical health focuses on an individual's lifestyle and how it affects their health and well-being. It includes everything from fitness and nutrition to stress management, proper sleep habits, chronic illness, and maintenance or screening exams.
  • Happiness: Mental health is an essential component of overall wellness. Dr. Bernadette gives people the courage to talk openly about mental health without the stigma that often accompanies it. She helps people uncover their own definition of happiness.

For the Life in Harmony system to be effective, individuals must be willing to do their part. Fortunately, Dr. Bernadette's strategies, which encompass everything from journaling, prayer and proper nutrition to exercise, deep belly breathing and unbridled laughter, take into consideration that everyone is at a different place in life. This makes it possible for individuals to focus on different aspects of the program based on their immediate needs.

Keep in mind that Life in Harmony is not an extremist approach to well-being that promotes outlandish ideas like throwing your blood pressure medication in the trash. It is, however, important to get to the root of any problem and adopt strategies that will alter the course.

Whether that means 15 minutes of downtime in the local coffee shop or a half hour of yoga, the tools are readily available and they can be specifically tailored to each individual.

At the end of the day, Life in Harmony was created to help people connect with their inner voice, to become champions of their own health and well-being – and perhaps most of all – to live the life God intended for them.

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