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Vacation & Exercise – Packed Together

Vacation is important for your mental health, yes.  But don’t let that time away from home, the gym, and your favorite path keep you from your health and fitness goals.

There are quick and simple ways to sneak in enjoyable fitness fun while you are relaxing and soaking up your well-earned vacation destination.   Go ahead, pack those running shoes or better yet, pack a jump rope.  Start your day with a quick session, no more than 20 minutes, of moderate activity and move on with your fabulous vacation plans energized since you will be filled with endorphins and a sense of accomplishment.  Yes, you really can do it all, for your health and happiness.

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One Sentence Can Change Your Life

As a ghostwriter of many years, I’ve assisted numerous book authors who have overcome grief, despair and other challenges in the most graceful and admirable ways. Their published stories proved more therapeutic for themselves than perhaps they ever imagined.

I began asking myself, are these authors really any stronger than the next person sitting at home alone waddling in a personal storm? No, but I do believe they have discovered a valuable key to winning in life that anyone can adopt. They’ve learned that an amazing connection occurs between the heart and the mind when a person journals. That connection taps into a spiritual strength that transcends them to a level far above their problems or issues. On that level, there is resolve without regret; there is joy unspeakable; and there is wisdom beyond measure.

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5 Steps to a Beautiful You

Do you want to rekindle your relationship with skinny jeans? There are five steps to revive, renew, and reinvigorate a sexy you! If you commit to them, your high school body does not have
to remain a photo in the yearbook.

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