Terri Eileen Liggins

Terri Eileen Liggins, who writes under the name, T’Eileen, defines herself as a spiritually motivated Mother, Author, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur, Blogger and Lover of people, life and justice. Multiple degrees in business and health law reveal her never-ending thirst for learning.

As an international ghostwriter, Terri writes for business owners, local celebrities or ordinary people with extraordinary stories. As an overcomer of a serious chronic illness many years ago, she shares her health journey in her writings and advocates for others’ health and wellness. As a blogger, Terri not only writes about health and family matters, but she also shows entrepreneurs how to increase their income through leadership empowerment and online marketing systems for bloggers.

After years of managing autobiography projects for clients who have overcome major obstacles, Terri has grown passionate towards the art of journaling and its attributes for overcomers. She shares that passion through workshops where she teaches individuals how to turn their grey skies into blue skies through authentic journaling.

To check out Terri’s blogs or to inquire about ghostwriting, publishing or journaling, go to: http://www.about.me/teileenliggins


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