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Write It Away

Keep your journal close by. Having a safe place to express and share your intimate thoughts, can reduce stress, provide healing, and allow reflection. It is a great way to start, end, or even take a break from the day. Do not fret over wording or if sounds correct; instead, just write from the soul. It does not matter whether it is one word, one sentence, one paragraph, or one page it is your personal journey.

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Breathe in the calming aromas of Archipelago Candles. I incorporate these candles in my 15 minute daily personal retreats. My favorite fragrance is the sweet essence of currant. I find turning off the lights, quieting the house, and lighting an Archipelago Candle relaxes the mind and spirit while helping to release the stress of the day. A great escape to regain control of the moment!

A Crayon and A Mirror

Do you remember your first box of ginormous crayons?

The excitement you felt as you clinched the crayon in your fist and scribbled out of the lines. The thrill of watching your parents feature your art on the refrigerator under a magnet. Each year you graduated to thinner crayons and more colors from which to choose. Who would have guessed that those very crayons would be the tools to empower you to create the person that you desire to be?

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One-third of people with high blood pressure feel “normal”; and therefore, it is called the “silent killer.” High blood pressure is an elevated force against the arteries walls. It can go undetected for years resulting in significant damage before there are signs that something is wrong.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease which is the leading cause of death among Americans. If it is uncontrolled, you are susceptible to kidney failure, a heart attack, a stroke, poor blood circulation, and damage to the eyes. It is important to be proactive in lowering your blood pressure.

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