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Change Your Reflection

Do you remember your first box of ginormous crayons?

The excitement you felt as you clinched the crayon in your fist and scribbled out of the lines. The thrill of watching your parents feature your art on the refrigerator under a magnet. Each year you graduated to thinner crayons and more colors from which to choose. Who would have guessed that those very crayons would be the tools to empower you to create the person that you desire to be?

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Transform Your Look

Ssh! Forty something is the new twenty something with Murad Skincare. These products give my skin a radiance and a glow that I have not found with any other beauty line. I bathe my face in the Essential-C treatments. A must is the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. It evens the skin tone and restores clarity. Murad has products to address most skincare issues and make aging more graceful. It’s my secret weapon!



Dermaplaning is an excellent way to exfoliate the dead cells leaving behind brighter, healthier skin. This exciting new treatment now offered in our Skin Health Center helps you achieve smoother, brighter skin. Dermaplaning is an effective way to resurface the skin by shaving or blading the top outermost layers of dead cells. When removing the top layers of skin, unwanted short fine facial hairs are also removed leaving a smoother, more even appearance. If you are looking to brighten your look and assist with your skin’s natural exfoliation process, give this new procedure a try. Don’t wait call Capital City Cosmetic Surgery today, (614) 336-9000. If you do not live near Dublin, Ohio, schedule an appointment with an aesthetic specialist in your area.

Your Summer Checklist

checkboxLASER HAIR REMOVAL – Get ready for summer and never shave again. Get rid of  underarm hair, bikini area, or unwanted facial hair permanently. Capital City Cosmetic Surgery located in Dublin, Ohio offers a Laser Hair Removal Guarantee: Schedule and complete a series of 7 laser hair removal treatments and it is guaranteed that you will be hair-free for two-years! If not, simply go back and be re-treated for FREE.

checkboxLASER VEIN REMOVAL – Get rid of unsightly red, blue or purple spider veins found just under the surface of the skin. Laser Vein Removal Treatments use a pulse of light over the veins to dissolve them leaving a younger and more pleasing appearance with no downtime.

*Always select a reputable skincare or medical facility to have cosmetic procedures performed.

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