Dr. Bernadette’s One New Year’s Resolution To Take Weight Off And Keep It Off!

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It’s Dr. Bernadette, your friendly family medicine doctor and chief health and lifestyle officer. I prescribe lifestyle changes that will allow you to make power moves to be a champion of your own health, healing and happiness. They will also empower you to live life by your own design to make sure your success actually feels like success to you. Let me get your started with a sure-fire New Year’s resolution to help you lose weight and keep it off. I promise you will thank me later.

The ultimate tip to look your best in 2017 and thereafter: Do not go on a diet, change your diet! That’s tested and fail-safe advice. Ditch fad diets. They usually only offer temporary weight loss followed by weight gain. That being said, these strategies will jumpstart a healthier slimmer you. Another plus, you can use them rather dining in or out.

1. Drink water. Forgo sugary beverages and keep alcohol to a minimum.
2. Opt for green vegetables and broiled, grilled or baked lean cuts of meat. Limit
starchy sides such as rice, potatoes and pasta and fried foods.
3. Keep healthy snacks on-hand. Low carbohydrates snacks such as nuts,
peanut butter, cheese, a protein bar or greek yogurt are better options. Store a few in
the glove compartment, desk drawer, purse, golf bag or briefcase.
4. Avoid skipping meals. It is always best to pack your own foods. For back up, identify
restaurants nearby that support your goal to eat healthier.
5. Pass on the bread and desserts. Eat fresh fruit or drink coffee to top off a meal. If
you are really craving something sweet, split a dessert. Bottomline, only eat half.

Ready to take on the challenge? I knew you would be. If you are consistent with above plan, you will achieve your weight loss goals. It will not happen overnight, but a healthier version of you will definitely be in the forecast.

Alright, I won’t keep you any longer. I will let you get back to life as I need to do the same. Remember, the key is not to go on a diet, change your diet! I am looking forward to sharing more transformational prescriptions to make you the champion of your own health, healing and happiness.

Goodbye and thanks for spending time with me.

Dr. Bernadette, M.D.

Bernadette Anderson, M.D., M.P.H. has devoted the past 20 years to developing, teaching and educating others on the principals of health and lifestyle transformation. Having successfully lost 140 pounds herself, her approach is to provide simple tools to allow people to be champions of their own healing, health and happiness. She is the founder of Faith Family Health, Inc., a speaker, an author and has appeared on national commercials.Visit her at www.DrBernadetteMD.com today!

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