12 Tips to Prevent Weighing Down Santa’s Sleigh

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! How do you enjoy the festivities without completely abandoning your fitness and nutrition routine? It may be unrealistic to adhere to your usual wellness regimen during the busy holiday season, but here are some tips that you can use to prevent weighing down Santa’s sleigh.

Try a low-fat twist on a recipe. Ssh! It’s your little secret. Stir in unsweetened applesauce instead of butter or oils. Pour in evaporated skim milk to replace cream. Fold in greek yogurt and skip the sour cream or mayonnaise. Curb that sweet tooth by adding vanilla, cinnamon, or nutmeg. Serve a delicious dish without weighing down the sleigh!

Do not skip meals. Saving all your calories for the main meal can cause increases in undesirable places. Eating several smaller meals is a better option. Before dinner, choose low carbohydrate foods such as an omelette, cottage cheese and strawberries, a tuna sandwich, or a grilled chicken salad.

Pass on seconds. Back away from the table! Instead, choose to be Santa’s helper. When you finish your meal, offer a hand with the cleaning or to serve the coffee. You will avoid endless munching and Santa will appreciate it.

Eat lean proteins and veggies first. No desserts until you finish your dinner. This little dinner rule can help keep you fit. Eat vegetables and lean meat before piling the starchy side dishes and fancy desserts.

Bring a healthy dish to share. Bring healthier alternatives. You will be less tempted by the rich high calorie dishes; unless, of course they really are the treats on your Christmas list.

Choose your favorite treats. Rather than sampling all the holiday goodies, only indulge in those that have been dancing in your head all year.

Share leftovers. This is the season for giving. Create doggy bags for your guests and share with neighbors. Reduce the amount extras that remain in the house.

Quench your thirst with water. There will be plenty of spirits available to give you holiday cheer, but remember your want feel so jolly when you waistline expands.

Minimize high calorie snacks between meals. An extra 500 calories per day will cause a one pound weight gain over one week. That extra piece of cake may be all it takes to tilt the scales.

Keep it simple. Do not go over board with all the holiday trimmings. Exhale and avoid creating extra stress for yourself. Focus on celebrating with family and friends. Time is the best gift of all!

Do not abandon your workout. That’s naughty and you don’t have to guess what will be in your stocking. Adjust your exercise regimen, do not totally give it up or you may bring in a little more of you into the new year.

Don’t center all your holiday activities around food. Have you considered meeting your friends at the gym or gathering for a volunteer activity? Create a tradition other than meeting at a restaurant for gift exchange or to celebrate the holidays.

Leave the chubby cheeks, plump belly, cookies and milk to Santa. He needs the extra carbs to deliver all the packages to the nice boys and girls. Happy Holidays to All and to All a Fit Year!

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