Antioxidants have been a hot topic in the health world for several years. Loosely, an antioxidant is a substance that helps create a barrier from free-radical damage, also known as the decaying process of oxidation. Oxidation is what causes most of the visible signs of aging in the skin, even though oxidation itself is going on at a very small, atomic level that you really can’t see. It’s what happens when molecules in the body lose an electron and become unstable. Those renegade electrons act like loose cannons, which then seek out other molecules crashing into them, stealing more electrons, and spreading more damage. The only molecules that can lose electrons without becoming unstable are antioxidant molecules. They have the unique ability to stop oxidation in its tracks by disarming free radicals.

Want to stop oxidation in your body? Boost your free radicals, both internally and topically!

* Look for moisturizers with pomegranate extract, licorice extract and aloe vera.

* Supplement with coenzyme Q10 to help fight free radicals in your heart.

* Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that have been shown to reduce inflammation and inhibit cancer formations on the skin.

* Incorporate ginkgo biloba into your diet to benefit your brain.

* Topical Vitamin C has been shown to shield the skin from the sun’s burning rays

More powerful antioxidants are being discovered everyday. So, keep your eye out to keep your health up!

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