Written by Dr. Howard Murad on . Posted in Monthly Moments with Dr. Murad

Think about the last time you were your happiest, when you were stress free, when you didn’t let others get in the way of your passion. When was it? There’s a good chance it was when you were about two years old. At two you danced, you sang, you played, you had adventures, and you didn’t worry about what anyone thought.

You didn’t know what perfect was. You laughed so hard your belly hurt. You took chances and didn’t fear you’d fail. You didn’t let mud on your clothes stop you from enjoying yourself. At two, you didn’t have to be told to put yourself first; it was what you did naturally.

Want to feel that way again, here’s something to think about: It’s not the stress, it’s how you handle it.

Stress will come and go; and Cultural Stress is constant and pervasive, it isn’t going away. You can’t avoid stress in today’s modern society. So, it’s critical you learn to change how you react to it. Take that time in traffic to listen to a self-help CD, turn your phone off an hour before you go to bed, instead of watching the news watch an uplifting and inspirational program, write down three things you are grateful for before you go to bed. These are all great ways to handle stress.

As I like to tell my patients, “Be imperfect; live longer!”


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