Six Simple Super Fit Tips from The Super AbMaster

Written by JoAnna Ward on . Posted in Exercise

1. Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. For example: Walk through your house, up and down your stairs, or sit and stand in your chair for 1-10 minutes or do a combination of the 3.

2. Add to your daily diet before you subtract. For example: Add a vegetable or piece of fruit to every meal, even breakfast, these are the best supplements on the market. Both are nutrient dense, full of water and fiber, and will fill you up without lots of fat or calories.

3. You have time to exercise. 15 to 20 minutes of some sort of physical activity trumps doing nothing, no many how you look at it. You have the time. You just have to prioritize some of the time you have towards fitness.

4. 30 minutes of reflective meditation is more powerful than a 3 hour workout. Your mind and spirit are the control center and energy force behind everything you do. They too become tired and overwhelmed at times taking a negative toll on the body. Rest, reflect, refresh and then workout and get to work on your goals and other objectives.

5. Embrace accountability. Align yourself with friends, co-workers, neighbors, or organizations that commit to fit and provide the support you need on those low days, when you really need a push the most. You have help. Ask for it.

6. Know that you are complete and whole. Focus on being better, healthy, strong, and fitness will follow. Never obsess. You are already good, getting better, shooting for YOUR very best, not to be like the rest.



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