Slim Down with Meal Planning

Most people have “Lose Weight” and “Eat Healthier” on their To-Do lists.  I believe that Meal Planning is a valuable tool in that process.  Let’s look at how Meal Planning makes it easier to achieve weight loss and healthy eating goals!

  • Proper Meal Planning assures that you have all of your ingredients on hand to make those healthy recipes you’ve been collecting and vowing to try. You are less likely to call for pizza delivery if everything for tonight’s dinner is ready to go in your fridge and pantry.
  • If you pack yourself a nutritious meal to take to work or school, you won’t be as tempted to hit the drive through on your lunch break. It’s a good idea to make extra servings of your healthy dinners to take for lunch the next day.
  • Having some healthy snacks – such as fruit, nuts, or protein bar – in your car, briefcase, or purse will satisfy the “munchies monster” without derailing your healthy eating plan.
  • Planning meals and shopping for food when you are NOT hungry will help you lose weight. Think about it – if you make decisions about what to eat when you are starving, you are more likely to make poor choices.

Keep in mind that meal planning is not a straightjacket. Just because you have spaghetti on the menu tonight doesn’t mean you HAVE to make it. If you’ve got ground beef or turkey thawed out for your spaghetti, you could easily make burgers, tacos, or a casserole instead. Meal Planning is about expanding your options and making sure you have everything on hand to prepare your healthy meals.  This reduces stress and helps you make good choices.

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