Shed Pounds at the Bar

You will experience a buzz, but it won’t be from downing intoxicating empty calories. There are no mojitos or long island ice teas on the menu at this bar. Pure Barre is among boutique fitness studios that are creating lean sculpted bodies. At first glance, it may appear that you need tights, ballerina shoes, and a leotard; however, clients do not have to be able to do a plie to participate in this challenging, invigorating style of workout. Don’t take the trendy Pure Barre studio lightly. The bar method of exercise has earned a first-rate reputation for remarkable body transformations.

Take a spot along the ballet bar and get ready for an intense workout. Do not be deceived by the small burst of movements and slow stretches. The words “tiny bend, tiny stretch” will conjure new images in your mind after taking a class at a Pure Barre studio. The workout leaves customers wondering how seemingly a benign hour of exercise can engage every muscle in the body. This innovative combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet will definitely help in the quest to pinch less than an inch! It is purely a fitness program. While there is little emphasis on spiritual wellness, it can be argued that any form of exercise offers a cathartic release.

How does the bar method differ from a regular gym workout? That depends on your exercise goals. If you want to elongate the muscles, lift up the derriere, flatten those abs, and firm up the hips and thighs, Pure Barre is the place. As your muscles tremble from fatigue, find solace in knowing that shaking means change. A sidebar, my exercise routine includes spin class, boxing, and pure barre class. While I get a great workout with either activity, I get a vigorous physical exercise that leaves me drenched and my muscles exhausted at Pure Barre.

How does it work? Each studio integrates unique features into the technique, but there are some universal elements. The workout is set to music. It combines stretching, weights, and fat-burning calisthenics. Start with a warm-up, add free weights, drop to the push-up position, and that’s just to wake up the muscles. It progresses to an intense thigh and seat workout using the ballet bar. The higher on the toes the leaner the thighs! Can’t forget the abs. The floor exercises cause the abs to quiver as the instructor gently says, “a little back a little up.” Pure Barre won’t prepare you for a leading role in the ballet, but attending sessions three or more times a week does the body good! Watch that pure barre ledge lift, the area where the thigh and seat meet!

The real secret to a successful physical makeover is marrying your exercise and nutrition efforts. No matter what your fitness preferences are to receive the maximum benefits, your diet and workout regimen must be in sync. While you may observe some improvement by modifying either, it is not until they are in harmony that you will achieve optimal results.

Dancers, athletes, and celebrities are using the bar method to make their bodies even more beautiful. So, if you want a tight physique, get ready to see your body change with the Pure Barre workout. How do you drag and squeeze your way to flat abs? The answer is on tap at a Pure Barre Studio.

Happy hour at Pure Barre does more than enhance your physical appearance. It boosts energy, elevates your mood, manages health, improves sleep, and wows the sex life. Highballing it there, yet?

Looking for a new place to get fit? Stop by Pure Barre. The studio offers the best skinny cocktail around. It serves an hour of moves to fiercely reshape and tone the body! The proof is in the sweat.

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