What’s On Your Plate?

Do you know the nutritional value of the food you eat or are your food choices based solely on taste? Are carbohydrates flowing over the edges of your plate? Is it dripping with unhealthy fats? The food you eat can promote health or illness.

The fork has a major impact on your health; what you decide to put on it is a forecast into our well-being. You can maximize your health by loading your fork with superfoods that are not only delicious, but that nourish the body. Food is fuel for the body. What you eat determines your body’s output. For peak performance, you must fuel your body with the proper nutrients. To make healthier choices, it is important to improve your knowledge of food and understand its nutritional value (if any).

Before taking medications, most people want to know the potential side effects. You should exercise the same interest when eating! The food label is your guide to making healthy choices. If you do not read it, you do not know what you are eating or how it may affect your overall health. Mindless eating can result in undesired outcomes and poor health.

Eat responsibly. This does not exclude an occasional splurge. It simply means that you are aware of nutritional facts. The next time you are grocery shopping do not just compare prices, but take a few seconds to read the side of the box before putting it into your cart. This will allow you to stock your refrigerator and pantry with a balance of healthy food choices and few indulgences.

With a little practice, reading the label can become less intimidating. It does not require an extra hour in the grocery store. The following label will increase your understanding of nutritional facts and help in the selection of food higher in vitamins, fiber, and protein:


Center for Young Womenʼs Health Staff at Boston Childrenʼs Hospital

Whatʼs on your plate? Increase your awareness of the nutritional facts of the foods you eat. Customize your fork to achieve optimal health. It has been said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” Your plate is a reflection of the path you have chosen.

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