Become A Spinster

You don’t have to be old and unmarried to be a spinster. Indoor cycling, also known as “spinning” is an energetic, effective way to burn unwanted calories. You will stand, jump, climb and sprint into fitness. As its’ popularity increases, more innovative styles of indoor cycling are emerging making it a more challenging experience that helps to shed pounds and reduce stress.

Clip into the pedals, saddle in, and discover the “411” on indoor cycling. One thing for sure, it is no leisurely Sunday evening ride!

Bring in some headwind as you burn 600 calories or more on this tour! It involves forty-five minutes to an hour of various combinations of moves on a stationary bike. While an enthusiastic instructor and motivating music set the momentum for the ride, you determine the intensity. It’s a personal challenge not a competition.

The instructor creates visuals for the course by directing cyclists to vary the resistance and their position on the bikes. The goal is to simulate either a flat road, a steep hill, or whatever terrain you decide to travel on. Indoor cycling classes are designed to promote strength, interval, or endurance training. As you navigate through the ride, your hand placement and body positioning on the bike changes. Listen for the instructor to call out position 1, 2, or 3. Breathe, it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Each instructor and studio brings their own creativity to indoor cycling. Try a few classes before deciding if you are a spinster!

As spinning becomes more vogue, boutique style studios are all the rage. There is definitely a new era in indoor cycling! Once considered a lower body activity that required powering through the legs while using the upper body only for balance, indoor cycling has shifted gears. The addition of resistance bands and weights have elevated this fitness activity to a total body workout. If that’s not enough, some spinning bikes are made to move, RealRyder Bikes, and can transform the entire body while simulating an outdoor ride.

Boutique cycling studios are adding their unique spin on indoor cycling. Studios combine cycling classes with yoga, barre method, and other predominately stretching and toning exercises to take advantage of those heated muscles in sculpting a lean body. Moreover, cycling studios allow the customers to take a break from the traditional gym and enjoy the art of cycling in high-tech specialized settings.

Locate a studio to participate in this high energy cardio workout. Do not be intimidated by the flywheel! Watching legs move at 100 rotations per minute can deter most people from signing up for the Tour de France. I was also hesitant about indoor cycling. After peeking through the studio windows on several occasions, I finally gathered the courage to go inside. I did give myself an out, by informing the instructor that I could only stay 30 minutes (avoiding the need for medical attention). Forty-five minutes later, I had become a spinster. By the second class, I was addicted. Warning: indoor cycling shows no mercy on the buns, but trust me after a few rides it won’t bother you. Adding indoor cycling to my workout schedule three times a week has contributed to me dropping over one hundred pounds! Rev up the metabolism and burn that fat!

Whatever your reason for upgrading your fitness profile, indoor cycling can help you achieve your goals. Clip in, saddle up, and join this hotter than ever fitness revolution that will take you on a route to wellness! Ride on.

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