Change Your Reflection

Do you remember your first box of ginormous crayons?

The excitement you felt as you clinched the crayon in your fist and scribbled out of the lines. The thrill of watching your parents feature your art on the refrigerator under a magnet. Each year you graduated to thinner crayons and more colors from which to choose. Who would have guessed that those very crayons would be the tools to empower you to create the person that you desire to be?

The season has come to bring out the crayons again. The shades and hues are endless. Though you did not become a Leonardo da Vinci, you have the uncanny opportunity to be the canvas on which to portray your own Mona Lisa. No one can paint your world like you. You are the Picasso of your life!

The process of transforming your image starts with a box of window crayons and a mirror; preferably the bathroom mirror. Begin your day by selecting a window crayon and writing a positive message about yourself. It must be in the present tense; not the past or future. As you go about your morning rituals, focus on the statement and verbalize it. Let it remain on the mirror and become a part of your reflection. This will help you to reprogram your mindset and nurture optimistic thoughts. Throughout your day, take moments to meditate on your affirmation and internalize it. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “We become what we think about all day long.” The next day repeat the steps. Write the new affirmation under the one from the previous day and speak both of them. Continue this process until there is no room remaining on the mirror or until the desired version of you has emerged. If needed, clean the mirror and start again.

Let the mirror become a surface to refocus, rebalance and reclaim you! Use it to design the portrait that you want to represent your life. You are the subject and the artist. Relish in this incredibly unique position!

The mirror will no longer simply be a glass to dress yourself, but a place for you to validate who you are. Every morning will become an opportunity to renew your spirit.

We often seek approval from others. Expecting encouragement, compliments, praises, and recognition. However, disappointment is often the product of surrendering to others the authority to approve your emotions and your being. There is a great cost in relinquishing your power to define your existence and it usually leaves you to ponder your true identity. As you stand in the mirror, only you can decide the image that reflects back at you. You are the author of your own essence.

Red, yellow, blue, or green choose a crayon and change the image that you see in the mirror. You do not need anyone’s permission to be you! Become the person that you aspire to be. When you embrace yourself, others will follow. Who would have known that a box of crayons could empower you to refocus your vision, rebalance your vitality, and reclaim your vibrancy!

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