One Sentence Can Change Your Life

As a ghostwriter of many years, I’ve assisted numerous book authors who have overcome grief, despair and other challenges in the most graceful and admirable ways. Their published stories proved more therapeutic for themselves than perhaps they ever imagined.

I began asking myself, are these authors really any stronger than the next person sitting at home alone waddling in a personal storm? No, but I do believe they have discovered a valuable key to winning in life that anyone can adopt. They’ve learned that an amazing connection occurs between the heart and the mind when a person journals. That connection taps into a spiritual strength that transcends them to a level far above their problems or issues. On that level, there is resolve without regret; there is joy unspeakable; and there is wisdom beyond measure.

I realize that not everyone likes to write. Others who do like writing complain that they never have time in their busy schedules. I have the answer to that and other excuses that people use to avoid forming this life-changing habit. I created a “Blessing Journal.” It’s simple to make and easy to use.

Get a small pocket-size notebook and label it “My 365 blessings for insert year.”  Easier still, use a 12-month wall calendar. If you use a notebook, don’t worry that you don’t have 365 pages because you can loop around and use the same pages for different dates, as there will be plenty room on the page.

At the end of each day, make a ONE SENTENCE statement on your page or on your calendar about something that happened to you that day that you are grateful for. That’s it—it’s that simple. Usually, there would have been something negative that happened that tried to “knock you off your stance” and cause your entire day to be horrible. Look for the silver lining in that troubled spot and write ONE SENTENCE about it.

I still remember an entry I made back in 2009 on a cold January day in Chicago: “Had a flat tire on Lake Shore Drive during the morning rush hour and praise the Lord within 15 mins a stranger stopped, fixed my tire and wouldn’t accept the cash I offered him.”

Again, it’s that simple, yet it’s that gratifying. The key is to keep this particular journal to ONE SENTENCE, to ensure that you do it EVERY DAY until writing in it becomes a habit. You may soon find yourself keeping other journals in addition to this one.  Happy writing!

Get out of your storm and get into the habit of journaling! One day, your written testimonies may help millions of others emerge out of their storms.

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