Vacation & Exercise – Packed Together

Vacation is important for your mental health, yes.  But don’t let that time away from home, the gym, and your favorite path keep you from your health and fitness goals.

There are quick and simple ways to sneak in enjoyable fitness fun while you are relaxing and soaking up your well-earned vacation destination.   Go ahead, pack those running shoes or better yet, pack a jump rope.  Start your day with a quick session, no more than 20 minutes, of moderate activity and move on with your fabulous vacation plans energized since you will be filled with endorphins and a sense of accomplishment.  Yes, you really can do it all, for your health and happiness.

Chances are you would need comfortable shoes to explore on your vacation at some point.  Let those sneakers serve as a reminder in your suitcase that with over 1400 minutes in a day, you can start with just 20 minutes out jogging and discovering where you are staying.  Travel in a different direction each day and take in your new surroundings.  Later, over breakfast you’ll be able to share with fellow travelers the markets, pools, or shops that could have been otherwise overlooked.  This has to be a better run than the same trails and streets at home.  Allow perspective to fuel you as you lace up on vacation.

Not a runner?  Pack a jump rope.  Vacation is a fun time and jumping rope for many of us was a time of bubble gum, hula hoops, and double-dutch games out on the street.  Ropes weigh merely ounces and blast out a serious cardio workout in only 10 minutes!  There’s enough motivation, right?  Haven’t jumped in decades?  Put your mind into the muscles, squeezing your biceps, calves, quads, and glutes, and you can jump with that invisible “ghost rope.”  Sure, 10 minutes of roping can be a mental challenge. Try some fancy feet to distract yourself, use the beat of the music to get out of your head, and have fun in the moment.

Check out this YouTube clip for some footwork ideas you can add into your roping time and jump yourself into fitness.

Remember, you are on vacation!  You will be hiking, kayaking, swimming, walking, and exploring your destination.  So of course no need for long spans of scheduled exercise and certainly no need for that alarm buzzer to wake you up to do so.  The key to getting ahead is getting started though, so start your vacation day off right with a quick and moderate activity that serves you and your health.  Who has ever regretted the decision to workout afterwards?

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