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Welcome! Losing 140 pounds was life transforming for me and people ask me all the time how I did it. Take a look around, I’ve shared all the tools that helped me shed the unwanted weight, get healthier, be happier and live my ideal life. I encourage you, to start your day here, replenish your spirit and participate in the processes of discovery.


  • Losing 140 Pounds Transformed My Life!

    How does a doctor who is keenly aware of the relationship between obesity and health and who has worked at a weight loss center for several years not address her own morbid obesity? (Wow, just writing that was distressful!)

    Nutritional knowledge was not the missing ingredient. Willpower was not the key. Desire was not enough. I warred with obesity plenty of times and quit before winning the battle. Well, if I am honest, I championed over it before only to shamefully relinquish my victory. What was different this time? What was my motivation to transform my life?

    When did my battle with obesity begin?

    I recall my pediatrician mentioning his concerns about my weight once or twice and my mother responding by making some dietary changes. She offered me graham crackers instead of cookies and juice instead of soda. It is laughable now. I am in no way assigning blame; but, simply giving some background to a nearly forty-year problem. Needless to say, when I assumed responsibility for my own nutrition and wellness, my choices segued into staring at a scale that stood out like a marque as it flashed over 300 pounds!


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  • A Quote from Dr. Bernadette’s New Book…

    “Take a deep breath and release whatever interferes with your peace. Do not compromise your peace by rehearsing issues over and over in your mind – put a period to them and move forward!”



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